“Leah is an example for all of us in what it means to be courageous. Curvy Girls is a model for readers to be inspired, motivated, and empowered. Nickelodeon is proud to have been a part of bringing awareness to scoliosis. Straight Talk continues in the spirit of the HALO mission of helping and leading others!”

Nick Cannon, Chairman of TeenNick,
Creator TeenNick HALO Awards,
Host of America’s Got Talent

“In Straight Talk with the Curvy Girls, Robin and Terry help to minimize the physical, emotional and financial burdens for scoliosis patients and families, which are often intensified by feelings of being isolated and alone. By sharing their own personal stories, young female patients and their moms give meaningful support to anyone with scoliosis and a powerful message that ‘You are not alone.’ In my view, this book and the Curvy Girls Support group are very valuable resources for the adolescent scoliosis community.”

Joe O’Brien, President, CEO & Patient,
National Scoliosis Foundation

Straight Talk with the Curvy Girls gives a vivid account of real life stories of young women and adolescents who have experienced the journey of living with scoliosis. Their journeys have taken them through an emotional and physical roller-coaster, depicting the mind-boggling effect of what a spine deformity can do to alter the teenage experience. Through it all, braces and surgery, these brave girls have come to embrace their curves. They dealt with it squarely, overcame it, and are now sharing their experiences to encourage girls similarly affected to be courageous and endure their treatment program. By this, they have shown that you can be bent but not broken. This is the type of support needed to foster relationships and camaraderie among girls affected with scoliosis. It is important to know that it is not the end of the world to have scoliosis. As Brooke Lyons alluded to in her books, it takes guts and courage to ‘ascend the curve.’”

Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei,
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon & Chief, Scoliosis Service,
Hospital for Special Surgery
Past President, Scoliosis Research Society
Founder & President, FOCOS

"The minute I opened up the book I was inspired by what all the girls accomplished! It makes me feel good to know that I'm not the only one, and that all my worries aren't silly. Hearing everyone's positive attitudes made me feel good about myself and my journey. It's a wonderful read for parents and girls! It answers questions we all have but, never think to ask. Straight Talk with the Curvy Girls was a great book that inspired me not to let scoliosis get in the way!"

Lexi, age 13, Chicago

“I've been waiting for 35 years of practice to find a book as well organized and helpful as this. Ironically my daughter, who is now 19, has scoliosis and wore a brace for 3 years and was successful. Great Work. This book is a major advancement in helping families assimilate all the information we throw at them as professionals."

James Dryden, CPO, Los Angeles


"I was surprised when I woke up to find my mom smiling and handing me the "Straight Talk with the Curvy Girls" book! I asked for it for my birthday, but I think she ordered it just after. I love it so far! Thank you Robin for the writing inside!   I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! "

Mara, age 13, NY Capital Region

"I wanted to mention that there was a section in the book that I found extremely helpful. It was the part where you describe the different stages of acceptance. Those stages are so true and I think we all go through them at different times, even the patient and parents may be at different stages apart from each other.

When we first got the brace, I do think I went through a period of mourning because I felt like she was losing some of her childhood and that she would not be able to enjoy all of the things that children should enjoy.  Now I feel that every human has at least one challenge - whether it is physical, mental, circumstances, etc.  Depending on how we look at our challenges, we can experience immeasurable blessings because of/or within our challenges.

I led a grief support group a few years ago and I can see the parallels with the stages of grief.  Realizing that not everyone goes through all the stages, nor is there any certain order, it is a very helpful example --scoliosis and grief. As with grief, this must be processed and it can take a while.  But then you can come out the other side of it as a healthy person.
I do feel that our family are at the "acceptance" stage at this time in our journey. "

Sue, California

"Just wanting to say, thank you!  I’ve ordered five books to place in four middle school libraries in Springfield, Oregon where I currently live and one in the library of Astoria Middle School, where I grew up and endured wearing my Milwaukee Brace.  Oh, how I wish such a resource was available to me at that time!  Please know how grateful I am that you have met this need for someone else.

Much appreciation,"

Heidi Christian


"I was a basket case before Abby’s surgery and your book helped me so much!  No one knows what these girls (and mothers) endure.  I am glad we have had the group to lean on!!!"

Tiffany, Kentucky Mom


"We had an unfortunate situation occur in school and I have spent the week addressing it. Monday was our first 80 degree day for Abbey with her brace and she had a body reaction that the school nurse did not handle appropriately. It presented the need for us to meet with the principal and get his support for how Abbey's bracing needs are to be handled going forward.  

Finding the Curvy Girls support group and having the website and book as a reference has given me the power to take control of this. Your book is always with me. I am sure our experience would be very different if we hadn't found Curvy Girls.  

A HUGE thank you to yourself and Terry for your book which was a valuable reference. I used information from the Advocating for Your Child chapter and other Curvy Girls responses in my discussion with the principal. The information and support from Curvy Girls empowered me to take a stronger stand than I probably would have."

Sebrina, Syracuse, NY